About Us

We are 12 years old! We would be a Beehive! In celebration of that, go to the Free Project page to get a free beehive pattern!

Piece at a Time Patterns started when I was called to be the Homemaking Leader in my ward and I started going to the weekly quilting class. I loved the geometric patterns, but I always wished I could create something more. I never had the patience or skills for applique, I just wished I could piece a picture.  That's when my friend introduced my to paper piecing and together we made a Nativity from Paper Panache. It was amazing and I was hooked on paper piecing 

Later, I was asked by a Miamaid in my ward if I could design a temple. I started with the Los Angeles temple because that was the temple I was married in. I then created the San Diego for her. Although I still don't know if she ever completed the project, I know the Lord works in mysterious ways. Because I received so much encouragement from my friends, family, and even my little Miamaid to design and sell the temple patters, I did. Twelve years later, here we are!

I have not gotten rich off of these patterns. That was not my intention. I try to keep them at a decent price to prevent the pirating of my hard work. (You should contact me for RS ward activities for a discounted rate!) The profits have helped me send two kids on missions. My daughter is currently serving in the Rome Italy mission. In a way, you all are helping her serve. 

Because of my husband's recent health issues, I have had to go to work full time which leaves me little time to design new patterns. But now, thanks to the instant downloads and my tech-savvy daughter, I am looking forward to designing again.  

Thank you for visiting our webpage. Feel free to email us with any questions.




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