to our new website... Although, with sadness we have decided that due to various reasons, we are unable to continue with the design and production of quilt patterns. We are grateful for the orders and kind emails over the past 19 years. We are sorry that we can no support requests for new temples, questions on quilting techniques or specific pattern questions. It has been a wonderful season that is now coming to an end. Best of luck in your lives and quilting projects. 

The last day to place an order is April 16, 2021. 



Note about printing: The patterns require both Letter and Legal paper. Please be prepared to print on both. One other thing...don't try to enlarge them, it doesn't work that easily. We have had issues in the past with enlargements skewing the patterns. If you desire a larger size, PLEASE let us know. We can do it in a snap, no extra charge and all the dimensions will hold true. Thanks,